Surveys 4 Checks Review : Is It Legit or a Scam?

Surveys 4 Checks Review

Surveys 4 Checks was a very disappointing site, offering the highest registration fee we have seen to date for some of the worst content.

The Surveys 4 Checks homepage seemed well-organized upon first glance, with a line of tabs across the top to direct users to different sections of the site.

Once we began scrolling down the homepage, it quickly became clear how long and unorganized it really was.

It began with a link to a short video of a presentation outlining the benefits of doing online surveys.

Below the video link was a series of statements with various bold and colored highlights extolling the virtues of online surveys, such as no deadlines, no traveling, no selling, and more.

This was followed by a potential income calculator, skewed with numbers already in place.

Next were links to sample surveys which showed values of $20 and $50 for only inputting a minor amount of information, a very misleading and inaccurate “sample” for unfamiliar users.

Potential Earnings

The next few lines included testimonials with more questionable statistics about potential earnings.

Below the testimonials were three steps instructing users on how to get started, followed by a link to some commonly asked questions.

Next was an offer for VIP upgrades at an additional cost, and finally a link at the bottom of the page to register.

The link offered a half-off discount of the $99.99 introductory rate to a limited number of customers; however this discount was still published on the site a few months later.

We ended up finalizing our registration on the site for $49.99 plus tax, bringing the total registration fee to $51.44.

This was a one-time fee with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The next page we proceeded to was a payment location where we could input our credit card information for our registration.

This was followed by a confirmation page that included our order number, and then another page which included our assigned username and password.

The username and password appeared to be unique to the individual and not based on the email address or name entered with the initial registration information.

We followed a link from this page to access the member’s area.

VIP Upgrade

After navigating past a welcome page offering a VIP upgrade, we entered the main member’s page which we bookmarked for ease of access the next time we visited the site.

The main member’s page is unfortunately very cluttered and messy to navigate.

Our attention was first drawn to the 10 tabs listed across the top of the page.

The Paid Surveys tab is the main page of the member’s section and includes the survey directory.

The Free Shopping tab includes links to mystery shopping sites.

The Incentives tab links to sites that pay users to click on ads or visit websites.

The Focus Groups tab links to online focus group registration sites.

The Paid2Drive tab links to companies that pay people to drive around with ads plastered on their cars.

The Freebies tab links to sites that offer free product samples.

The Paid Surveys 101 tab lists tips and tricks for making the most money doing paid online surveys.

The Get Paid to Read Email tab includes links to register for paid email programs.

The Get Paid to Drink Beer tab offered links to product testing sites.

Finally, the Contact Us tab offered links to a Frequently Asked Questions section, as well as a form field that users could fill out to submit questions to customer service.

The Paid Surveys section of the member’s area included several banner advertisements down the center and right-hand side of the page.

The left-hand side had numerous links to sites that were ranked according to user comments.

We opted to access the survey directory by selecting our region from the options available on the upper right-hand side of the page.

Upon selecting United States, the banner advertisements in the middle of the screen were replaced by a list of 59 links for paid survey opportunities.

The links contained brief descriptions of the sites they directed to, but were intermingled with a variety of advertisements.

Scrolling to the bottom of the page drew us to a link for additional survey companies.

This link brought up a two-page list containing 81 different links.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that this list of additional survey opportunities was EXACTLY the same as the list available on, a site we registered for previously at a lower rate.

Overall, the experience with Surveys 4 Checks was a very unsatisfying one in comparison to top-rated survey database sites available on the web today.


SmashFund Review. Is It a Scam or Is It Legit?

Name: SmashFund
Price: Free till July 2016, $149 per month thereafter
Who will benefit: everyone (supposedly)
Rank: 0 out of 10

SmashFund is a new project launching July 2016.

The company defines itself as the first crowdfunding company operating as a social network.

In case you don’t know what crowdfunding is, it basically means collecting small amounts of money from a large number of people for some project you have on your mind.

And I guess there is no need in explaining what a social network is 🙂

Now I’ve seen some reviews on SmashFund telling people that it’s all good and it’s gonna go viral during this half a year, and you’d better jump in right now.

At first I was really excited, and I did some more research on this project, because history tells me that being too much excited about something usually leaves you with regrets in the end.

Now here is what I’ve learned about SmashFund.

What is it really?

Here is a short video where Rob Towles (the founder of the company) introduces his project.

Ok, it doesn’t tell you very much, does it?

It is supposed to be a social network where I can tell people about whatever projects I have on my mind (including non-profits) and raise some money from the company’s revenue. SmashFund supposedly shares 80% of its revenue with its members.

And where does their revenue come from?

SmashFund is based on monthly payments of its members.

And as a member I can refer people to the project and have commissions from their monthly payments.

I also get 2nd tier referral commissions as a member (from the referrals of my referrals).

Now they say it’s not MLM (multi-level-marketing).

But it’s not true as far as I can see.

How much does it cost?

You can register for free right now before it officially launches.

There is a form to fill in, and you will have to give them your credit card info.

Actually, you don’t have to.

Being a little bit suspicious about this project I decided to try to fill in a bunch of random numbers instead of my real info and it worked) I got into the member’s account.

And I am really glad that I haven’t given them my real credit card info!

I’ll tell you why soon.

Ok, it’s free to join right now.

And it’s $149 per month from July 2016 when they officially launch.

But you have $50 per month from every referral that you bring to them.

So you only have to invite 3 people to make it even for you.

That’s what I saw in other reviews of this project.

People telling that they have already invited 9 people and going to earn about $300 ($50*9-$149=$301) per month already.

Well, it very well may be, why not?

You decide.

But read on.

What’s inside?

When I got to the member’s account, I was in for a surprise.

I myself love minimalism, but they raised it to the level I’ve never imagined before) I mean, I have never questioned the necessity of being able to set up a profile in my account.

And seeing that they haven’t even given you any opportunity to do so, I started asking myself – do I really need a profile?)

What is it for? 🙂

Everybody knows that I’m a great person, why would they want to see my profile picture? 🙂


Network page.

Invite page.

Ok, they haven’t got much inside the member’s area.

I expected that it would look at least remotely like a social network.

I expected that they would have some project creation area, because I have to tell somehow about my projects in order to crowdfund them.

They haven’t got it.

You can see your affiliate link inside the member’s area.

You can see how many people you’ve invited.

And a little bit about how to invite people (not really much).

No profile.

No project management area.

No credit card settings.

And if I would like to cancel my subscription or change my credit card information, I wouldn’t be able to do it manually.

Only through emailing their support team.

That would make me a little bit anxious, if I gave them my real credit card info.

So I’m glad I didn’t do that.

Now I realise that it’s not built yet completely, and that there might add some more tools and modules to the site before July 2016.

But it all somehow stinks of MLM network, that is only there to suck in people’s money, give them back a little and then disappear.

I decided to google Rob Towles – the founder of the company.

Who is Rob Towles?

Right on the first page of search for “Rob Towles” on Google I see “Efusjon – Pyramid Scheme Alert”.

It leads to a .pdf document telling that Efusjon is basically a pyramid scheme, which is illegal.

And Rob Towles was a co-founder of the company.

It is dated Nov 2009.

And some time has passed after that.

Maybe he really changed, maybe he wasn’t really guilty.

I don’t know.

But it seems too risky to me.

And I don’t really wanna involve in risky stuff.

My Verdict

Maybe I’m a little bit too fast on making conclusions about SmashFund, but for now I’m pretty much sure that it is a scam.

There is nothing inside the member’s area, which they promise.

So far I see only empty promises, and an overpriced membership fee ($149 per month), which is very common for pyramid schemes.

And it all stinks.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it will become a new viral project, I don’t know.

But I see far more risks than potential gains.

And I don’t recommend you join it.

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And as always, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me – I’m a live person. And I’m here for you to help.